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Latest news and information for village residents

*100* Club Winners

Feb  2019    
1st- £25 111 Ian Beale
2nd-£10 58 Roy Rogers
3rd-£10 136 Jane Saltmarsh
4th-£10 81 Sue Carruthers
5th-£5 133 Tom Whitehouse
6th-£5 72 John Measey
7th-£5 156 Lisa Maxted
8th-£5 167 Stephen Ralph
9th-£5 113 Guy Reynolds
Jan  2019    
1st- £25 126 Sally Carruthers
2nd-£10 171 G. Lewis
3rd-£10 121 A. Lampitt
4th-£10 181 N. Roberts
5th-£5 145 G&J Saunders
6th-£5 85 D&C Smith
7th-£5 209 T Reason
8th-£5 130 Rick Johnson
9th-£5 5 Fran Harrison
Nov  2018    
1st- £25 181 Naomi Roberts
2nd-£10 53 Liz Hensham
3rd-£10 146 Wendy Hiard
4th-£10 92 Tom Batson
5th-£5 130 Henry Saltmarsh
6th-£5 157 Bridget Tozzell
7th-£5 115 Margaret Cliff
8th-£5 98 Josh Robbins
9th-£5 47 Alex Theo
Oct  2018    
1st- £25 191 Elizabeth Weaver
2nd-£10 140 Jackie Rapson
3rd-£10 179 Alice Johnson
4th-£10 194 Katie Jackson
5th-£5 203 Becky White
6th-£5 23 Julie Hawthorn
7th-£5 2 Edith Hughes
8th-£5 130 Henry Saltmarsh
9th-£5 166 Mat Billiard
Sept 2018    
1st- £25 37 Simon Lampitt
2nd-£10 92 Tom Basford
3rd-£10 171 Gilly Lewis
4th-£10 132 Peter Welstead
5th-£5 06 Ash Workman
6th-£5 87 Jill Haydon
7th-£5 18 David Rawsthorne
8th-£5 182 Helen Munroe
9th-£5 54 Simeon Hudson-Evans
August 2018    
1st- £25 4 Giles King
2nd-£10 172 Clare Hirst
3rd-£10 83 Barrie Knight
4th-£10 117 Brenda Ward=Millar
5th-£5 21 Rupert Brice
6th-£5 173 Geoff Weaver
7th-£5 147 Jonathan White
8th-£5 99 Jeremy Knight
9th-£5 91 Roy Rogers
June 2018    
1st- £25 157 Bridget Tossell
2nd-£10 10 Chris Rossington
3rd-£10 32 Dan Theo
4th-£10 71 Jean Clarke
5th-£5 184 Edward Measey
6th-£5 72 John Measey
7th-£5 201 Adam Carruthers
8th-£5 129 Elaine Falller
9th-£5 103 Jackie Beale
May 2018    
1st- £25 127 Elaine Faller
2nd-£10 124 Viv Alling
3rd-£10 68 Roy Rogers
4th-£10 200 Alfie Gales
5th-£5 96 Jeff and Nancy Toms
6th-£5 31 Rachel Hurley
7th-£5 66 Anthony Cliffe
8th-£5 79 John Marshall
9th-£5 210 Rob Whitehouse


April 2018    
1st – £25 190 Mary Vann
2nd – £10 87 Jill Hayden
3rd – £10  49 Billy Brownrose
4th £10  143 Sophie Whitehouse
5th – £5 141 Rupert Oswell
6th – £5 180 Gail Weaver
7th £5 88 David Tossell
8th – £5 192 Robin Clarke
9th – £5 139 Julie Girling
March 2018    
1st – £25  121 Anne Lampitt
2nd – £15  15 Caroline Collins
3rd – £10  56 Mike Jelly
4th – £5  84 Sue Prestage
5th – £5  134 Shanti Johnson
6th – £5  164 Matthew Jackson
February 2018    
1st – £25  45 Isla Rossington
2nd – £15  98 Joss Robbins
3rd – £10  57 Paul Heneghan
4th – £5  90 Sue McCloud
5th – £5  156 Lisa Maxted
6th – £5  32 Dan Theo
January 2018    
1st – £25  105 Michael Carron
2nd – £15  156 Lisa Maxted
3rd – £10  65 Jane & Rob Greenslade
4th – £5  157 Bridget Tossell
5th – £5  14 Phil Alling
6th – £5  163 Pauline & Peter Droop


The Christmas Draw 2017    
1st – £100   Caron Workman
2nd – £50   Amy Timms
3rd – £25   Valerie Rouse
4th – £10   Liz Heneghan
5th – £5   Vera Kyte
6th – £5   Matt Ballard


December 2017    
1st – £25   Caroline Collins
2nd – £15   Liz Heneghan
3rd – £10   Joan Jenkins
4th – £5   S Hudson-Evans
5th – £5   Yvonne Butler
6th – £5   Paul Neale
November 2017    
1st – £25   Harry Nobes
2nd – £15   David Tossell
3rd – £10   Jack Theo
4th – £5   Caroline Collins
5th – £5   Phil Alling
6th – £5   Lucy Ballard
October 2017    
1st – £25   Dan Theodossiades
2nd – £15   Sienna Robbins
3rd – £10   Jean Hughes
4th – £5   Dee Anderson
5th – £5   Michael Carron
6th – £5   Roger Whitehouse
September 2017    
1st – £25   Jane & Rob Greenslade
2nd – £15   Sienna Robbins
3rd – £10   Sue Carruthers
4th – £5   Tom Whitehouse
5th – £5   Wendy Clark
6th – £5   Rachel Took
August 2017    
1st – £25 60 Beryl Wright
2nd – £15 81 Sue Carruthers
3rd – £10 99 Jeremy Knight
4th – £5 125 Anthony Smith
5th – £5 78 D. Anderson
6th – £5 74 Paul Neil


July 2017    
1st – £25 145 George & Joyce Saunders
2nd – £15 66 Anthony Cliff
3rd – £10 117 Brenda Ward Miller
4th – £5 122 Rachel Took (c/o Kemps)
5th – £5 18 David Rawsthorne
6th – £5 69 Alice Rossington


June 2017    
1st – £25   Paul Heneghan
2nd – £10   Alan Hughes
3rd – £5   John Hayfield
4th – £5 



  Elaine Faller 

Jill Haydon

Shanti Johnson

May 2017    
1st – £25   Jamie Bayliss
2nd – £10   Rita Jones
3rd – £5   Mike Jelley
4th – £5 



  Tom Whitehouse 

Gaynor Bryce

Alfie Kemp

April 2017    
1st – £25   Jamie Bayliss
2nd – £10   Viv Alling
3rd – £5   George Osborne
4th – £5   Stephen Ralph
March  2017    
1st – £25   Carol Keen
2nd – £10   Chris Hurley
3rd – £5   Adam Carruthers
4th – £5   Viv Alling
1st – £25 93 Esme Barnett
2nd – £10 42 Mrs M E Barnett
3rd – £5 31 Rachel Hurley
4th – £5 51 Paul Hennegan


January 2017    
1st – £25 20 Julie Rawsthorne
2nd – £10 86 Rob Haydon
3rd – £5 25 Len & Cath Clifford
4th – £5 85 Joy Court-Newbury
December 2016    
1st £100 Roy Rogers
2nd £25 Neil Turner
3rd £10 Chris Rossington
4th £5 Michael Carron
November 2016    
1st £25 JoanJenkins
2nd £10 Margaret Cliffe
3rd £5 Alex King
4th £5 Sienna Robbins
October 2016    
1st £25 David and Bridget Tossail
2nd £10 Barrie Knight
3rd £5 Jean Baines
4th £5 Mirko Saccani
September 2016    
1st £25 Roy Jenkins
2nd £10 Viv Alling
3rd £5 Elaine & John Marshall
4th £5 Edward Robbins
August  2016    
1st £25 Julie Rawsthorne
2nd £10 Edith Hughes
3rd £5 Roy Rogers
4th £5 Stephen Ralph
July 2016    
1st £25 Tom Asbridge
2nd £10 Tina Jarvis
3rd £5 Rupert Brice
4th £5 Jamie Baylis
June  2016    
1st £25 Rachel Hurley
2nd £10 Wendy Clarke
3rd £5 Stephen Ralph
4th £5 Frankie Haydon
May  2016    
1st £25 Margaret Cliff
2nd £10 Viv Alling
3rd £5 Simeon Hudson-Evans
4th £5 Sally Yeomans
April  2016    
1st £25 Tom Asbridge
2nd £10 Jean Clarke
3rd £5 John Measey
4th £5 Dee Anderson
March  2016    
1st £25 Wendy Clarke
2nd £10 Vicki Roberts
3rd £5 Rachel Hurley
4th £5 Jane Jordan
 Bonus    Jean Clarke
February 2016    
1st £25 Elaine Faller
2nd £10 Chris Hurley
3rd £5 Joy Court
4th £5 Tom Asbridge
January 2016    
1st £25 Mr. Mrs Barnett
2nd £10 Roy Rogers
3rd £5 Adam Carruthers
4th £5 Rupert Brice
December 2015    
1st £25 Rupert Brice
2nd £10 G Lewis
3rd £5 Paul Heneghan
4th £5 Freda Cannam
November 2015    
1st £100 Mirko Sarcani
2nd £25 Frankie Haydon
3rd £10 Edward Robbins
4th £10 Jane Greenslade
October 2015    
1st £25 Jean Appleby
2nd £10 Sue Macleod
3rd £5 Marie Dow
4th £5 Adam Carruthers
September 2015    
1st – £25 43 Carol Keen
2nd – £10 77 Margaret Cliff
3rd – £5 52 Beryl Wright
4th – £5 98 Sienna Robbins


August 2015    
1st – £25 105 Oliver Stowe
2nd – £10 86 Mr.Mrs Barne
3rd – £5 71 Viv Alling
4th – £5 35 Karen Workman
Bonus £10 50 D. & CR. Smith
July  2015    
1st £25 G Lewis
2nd £10 Jill Haydon
3rd £5 Isla Rossington
4th £5 Tom Asbridge
June 2015    
1st £25 Alex King
2nd £10 Barrie Knight
3rd £5 Beverley Daffurn
4th £5 D Anderon
May  2015    
1st £25 Audrey Walton
2nd £10 Barrie Knight
3rd £5 Jean Clarke
4th £5 Fleur Rossington
April 2015    
1st £25 Audrey Walton
2nd £10 Esme Barnett
3rd £5 Phil Alling
4th £5 David Rawsthorne
March 2015    
1st £25 Karen Workman
2nd £10 Jean Hughes
3rd £5 Joy Court-Newbury
4th £5 Viv Alling
February 2015    
1st £25 Esme Barnett
2nd £10 Freda Cannam
3rd £5 Barrie Knight
4th £5 Joy Court-Newbury
January 2015    
1st £25 Phil Alling
2nd £10 Nigel Brooks
3rd £5 Paul Henneghan
4th £5 Tom Asbridge
December 2014    
1st £25 Yvonne Butler
2nd £10 Barrie Knight
3rd £5 Joss Robbins
4th £5 Audrey Winter
November 2014    
1st £25 Alex King
2nd £10 George Osborn
3rd £5 Bill Carruthers
4th £5 Doris Court
October 2014    
1st £25 Giles King
2nd £10 Frankie Haydon
3rd £5 G Lewis
4th £5 Michael Carron
September 2014    
1st £25 Lorna Wheeler
2nd £10 Beryl Wright
3rd £5 Beverly Daffurn
4th £5 Jean Hughes
August 2014    
1st £25 Stephen Barnett
2nd £10 Rosalind Winter
3rd £5 Liz Henegan
4th £5 Joan Jenkins

July 2014


Position Name Club Number Amount Won
1st George Osborn 36 £25
2nd Sue Carruthers 93 £10
3rd Roy Rogers 45 £5
4th John & Elaine Marshall 83 £5


June 2014


Position Name Club Number Amount Won
1st Jean Appleby 90 £25
2nd Joy Court Newbury 97 £10
3rd Mary Knight 21 £5
4th Alex King 75 £5






Council budget survey

Have your say on our budget strategy

Release date: 13 December 2018

Cotswold District Council is seeking comments from local residents and businesses regarding the budget proposals for 2019/20 which will be considered at the Council meeting on 26 February 2019.

The deadline for commenting on the proposals is 5 pm on Friday 18 January 2019. You can provide feedback in a number of ways:

  • by filling in the online consultation on budget and corporate strategies 2019/20
  • by emailing your views to or
  • by sending written comments to: Mrs Jenny Poole, Chief Finance Officer at Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, Glos, GL7 1PX

We have prepared a draft ten year financial strategy which includes indications of possible reductions to our funding from central government from April 2020. From April 2020 there is a high degree of uncertainty regarding central government funding as the outcome of the Governments ‘Spending Review’, Local Government ‘Fairer Funding Review’ and a changes to the value of Business Rates funding retained by the Council all come into effect.

To review the key points of the budget proposals for 2019/20 please see the draft medium term financial strategy 2019-20 to 2028/29(opens in a new window). This also includes other changes which will have a financial impact upon the Council.  

Under the current Local Government funding mechanism, the Council is highly reliant upon its share of Business Rate income which is retained by the Council.  Around 58% of the Council’s Government funding comes directly from Business Rates with the balance from New Homes Bonus and Rural Services Delivery Grant.  This is a key strand of the Government policy to localise financing of local authorities and brings the potential for increased risks or increased rewards, depending upon the Council’s ability to raise business rate income. 


Cotswold Tourism

Release date: 7 January 2019 

Cotswold Tourism is leading a new tourism project which is set to launch to the international travel trade industry in 2019.  This will help to promote tourism across the wider Cotswolds region following our success in gaining the award of £250,000 worth of funding through  Year 3 of the UK Governments £40 million Discover England Fund.

The ‘Uncover the Cotswolds’ project should boost inbound tourism with a focus on attracting visitors from the Nordic markets, Italy and Spain.  The aim will be to disperse visitors across the wider region and provide them with greater access to authentic local experiences. 

The 2019 tourism year starts with a free training offer for tourism businesses in the Cotswold area, including some businesses that have already been identified by the tourism partnership, as offering unique experiences. However, there is capacity for more local unique tourism experience-led businesses to attend the these training sessions to learn more about the project.

On 18 January the first course will take place at the Tewkesbury Park Hotel.  The morning session will cover how to develop an experience, including how to ‘package’ with other local businesses, as well as understanding more about the ‘Uncover the Cotswolds’project.  There will then be an opportunity for businesses to network over a buffet lunch and then focus in the afternoon on how to enable online bookings for venues and attractions. The presenters will also investigate Visit England’s new tourism toolkit – Taking England to the World, and have an opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful tourism businesses.   

The same course will run again at Rodbourough near Stroud on 21 January and Moreton-in-Marsh on 22 January (both kindly hosted by the Cotswold Inns and Hotels group). There will also be a sesssion in West Oxfordshire on 17 January at the Macdonald Bear Hotel Woodstock and Blenheim Palace. 

Anyone interested in finding out more about how to get involved in the ‘Uncover the Cotswolds’ project should email  or register for updates via in a new window)

 Project leader for Cotswolds Tourism, Sally Graff, explains further:

“I am delighted that Cotswolds Tourism has secured this £250,000 funding and I would like to thank all our partners involved in the project.  Working with local businesses, we want to develop authentic year round local tourism experiences, and create tours which can be booked in totality or in part, via tour operators, with different budget options available.”

“I would encourage tourism businesses in the area to liaise with Cotswolds Tourism and sign up for the free training sessions we are providing, Tourism is an important sector driving the local economy and we want to help everyone to exploit any opportunities to the full.”

Tourism businesses in Gloucestershire also have another opportunity to learn more about the work being done locally to promote tourism at a Gloucestershire tourism forum being held at Kingsholm Rugby Club on 31 January organised with Marketing Gloucester. This event will have workshops, speakers and updates to ensure tourism businesses can adapt to new trends in tourism, including the impact of digital marketing and accessible tourism.



To book one of the training workshops see details at in a new window)

About the Discover England Fund

·         In November 2015, the Government announced a £40 million Discover England Fund; an unprecedented opportunity for English tourism. The Fund aims to deliver world-class bookable tourism products joined up across geographies and/or themes; including integrated transport solutions to provide an end-to-end customer experience.

·         The Fund supports the growth of one of England’s most successful export industries, inbound tourism. Tourism is an industry that delivers jobs and economic growth across the English regions – contributing some £106bn each year to the economy and supporting 2.6 million jobs.

·         The Fund supported a number of pilot projects in year one (2016/17) that tested product development approaches.  In years two and three, 2017-19, the fund will support: 

·         A number of large-scale collaborative projects to be delivered over the two year period 2017-2019 that will create a step-change in bookable English tourism product for international consumers,

·         Two rounds of smaller funding for piloting new ideas (in year two), and delivering on new themes/ target markets (in year three)


o    There have also been opportunities for existing smaller projects to receive support in each following year to upscale their activities

About VisitBritain/VisitEngland

·         VisitBritain/VisitEngland is the national tourism agency – a non-departmental public body funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)

·         Working with a wide range of partners in both the UK and overseas, our mission is to grow the volume and value of inbound tourism across the nations and regions of Britain and to develop world-class English tourism product to support our growth aspirations. For further information and to access the latest in-depth market intelligence and statistics visit in a new window) or in a new window) and in a new window)  for consumer information.

About Cotswolds Tourism

Cotswolds Tourism is the official Destination Management Organisation promoting and marketing tourism across the Cotswolds.   A public-private sector partnership, the aim is to grow the Cotswolds visitor economy by raising awareness about the destination and generating additional tourism visits and spend.

Cotswolds Tourism is a partnership of tourism businesses, supported by local authorities of Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Stroud District Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council, West Oxfordshire District Council and the Cotswolds Conservation Board.  Cotswolds Tourism’s priority is to grow the area’s Visitor Economy by raising awareness of the destination and generating additional tourism visits and spend.  For key economic statistics and information

 Contact Sally Graff/Chris Jackson Tel 01285 623000


The police non emergency number is 101. This is the number to call for all non urgent calls. You can also report suspicious activity by email to  and include photos. In an emergency the number is 999. The nearest Gloucestershire police station is at Stow-on-the-Wold and is open to the public between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, tel: 01242 276637.

Communities defeat Terrorism
If you see other anything that could be terrorist related, act on your instincts and  call the police in confidence on 0800 789 321 or visit

The local policing team consistes of :

Inspector Karen Ellis
Sgt Garrett Gloyn
Sgt Andrew Wood
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
PC Ashley Weller (rural and wildlife crime)
PCSO Paul Hancock paul.
PCSO Cassie Wilford
LPSO Darren Thomas

The local Police Community Support Officers for your parish can be contacted in a number of ways including our website where you can follow the link to your policing area and use the contact your team link. You can also use the 01452 907200 number for Cotswold District and leave a message or contact 101 with your concern and it will sent to the officer via our control room.

Please also take a look at  as we are currently signing up residents in the Cotswold area; this can be completed via the website.

Crimestoppers is dedicated to fighting crime across Gloucestershire.

We help to promote the charity in communities across the region, to let people know that Crimestoppers is there for them as an anonymous route to give information about crime. Crimestoppers guarantees anonymity, which means that no-one can ever find out who passed on information about crime.

To pass on information about crime anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out our secure, Anonymous Online Form.

Crimestoppers is supported by volunteers – each and every one is a vital link with the community in the region. If you think you’d like to volunteer for Crimestoppers in Gloucestershire, please fill out our Contact Us form.

E-mail: for more information.

For crime statistics click here

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

  October 2018 November 2018
All crime 19 26
Anti-social behaviour 4 4
Bicycle theft 0 0
Burglary 7 8
Criminal damage and arson 1 3
Drugs 0 0
Other crime 1 0
Other theft 1 2
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 0 2
Robbery 0 0
Shoplifting 0 0
Theft from the person 0 0
Vehicle crime 3 2
Violence and sexual offences 2 5

Chipping Campden and surrounds including Willersey, Weston-Sub-Edge and Mickleton. Cotswold Neighbourhood Watch click here



Chipping Campden Neighbourhood Co-ordination Group set the following 3 priorities

  •  Traffic Issues through the Village of Saintbury
  •  Crime Prevention Initiatives in Villages Bordering the County Boundary in Chipping Campden Community
  • Traffic issues in Church Street Chipping Campden-prevent abuse of the one-way system.

The police office surgery scheme is still being held in the town clerk’s office on the first floor in the Old Police Station on the High St, Chipping Campden. Please feel free to come along and have a talk about anything that concerns you.


Walks with Cotswold Voluntary Wardens





February 2019

A short circuit around Bourton – Tuesday 26thFebruary – Easy

A short circuit in the countryside around Bourton-on-the-Water, passing through Wick Rissington and skirting Little Rissington.

2.5 hours: 5 miles.

Start:  10.00 am Bourton-on-the-Water War Memorial in village centre. OS Map ref: SP 167 207.

 Exploring Winchcombe Ways 2 – Thursday 28thFebruary – Moderate

We continue our exploration of some long distance paths that go through Winchcombe. Today we shall explore the start of the Wardens Way, St Kenelm’s Way and Winchcombe Way. The paths often follow ancient routes and there should be spectacular views.

3 hours: 6 miles.

 Start:  10.00 amWinchcombe Back Lane car park, behind library (£1 all day). OS Map ref: SP 024 286.


January 2019

Rivers, fords and leaky stone pipes – Sunday 13st January – Moderate

This walk passes through tranquil Guiting Power village before passing streams, fords, woods and a clapper bridge in Kineton. An ideal winter walk, well suited for this time of year.

3 hours: 5 miles.
Start:  10:00 am Guiting Power village hall car park (donations).OS Map ref: SP 094 246.



November 2018

Wool, Stone and the Great Fire of London – Thursday 1stNovember – Moderate

The walk starts from the ancient wool town of Northleach with its many 15th and 16th century buildings. We cross rolling farmland, lakes and streams to the village of Farmington, famed for its local stone. We return to Northleach where lunch is available at pubs and cafes.

3 hours: 5 miles.
Start:  10:00 am Northleach market square.OS Map ref: SP 113 146.

Battles and Brewing in Stow – Thursday 8thNovember – Moderate

The walk will take us via Broadwell to the monument to the Battle of Stow where we will hear about the historic event. The return is through varied countryside to Stow where we explore Stow’s brewing past.

3 hours: 6 miles.
Start:  10:00 am Stow-on-the-Wold village green, old stocks. OS Map ref: SP 192 258.

 PLEASE use appropriate footwear as some walks may be steep and muddy in places. EASY – Length may vary but terrain is mainly flat (level); MODERATE – includes some hills and rough ground. STRENUOUS – may be rough underfoot and ascents and descents may be steep. We welcome guide and hearing dogs – sorry, others not allowed.

Walks are free although we do invite donations to help fund our conservation and improvement work.

The Wardens run a full programme of guided walks throughout the Cotswolds. For more information see or Tel: 01451 862000, also for any changes to arrangements such as due to extreme weather.





Emergency Booklet

New booklet helps prepare for emergencies

Release date: 28 November 2018

Across the District communities are always looking to improve their resilience in the event of an emergency, and a booklet has been produced by the Gloucestershire Local Resilience Forum to make the task easier.  

The ‘Are You Ready?’ booklet provides clear practical advice to help people prepare for and respond to an emergency.

Advice includes: devising a family emergency plan; looking out for neighbours; establishing ‘emergency friends; community alarm systems; and coping with severe weather, security incidents and loss of power.

Cllr Sue Coakley, Cotswold District Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for community resilience, welcomes the ‘Are You Ready?’ booklet,

“This is an extremely useful resource. A lot of the information in the booklet is basic common sense, but bringing it all together has the power to actually save lives.  ‘Are You Ready?’ had been designed so that people can refer to it easily and quickly in a wide range of emergency situations, and it also provides some very useful checklists and contact numbers. 

You can download a copy of the booklet on the CDC website now. 

Queries about the booklet should be directed to:

Gloucestershire County Council Civil Protection Team

Tri Service Centre, Waterwells Drive, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 2AX

Tel: 01452 888764




The Gloucestershire Local Resilience Forum is the principal mechanism for multi-agency cooperation under the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004.  Participants include local emergency services, NHS, Public Health England, all Gloucestershire district councils, and Gloucestershire County Council,

The aim of the LRF is: ‘To co-ordinate effective and efficient integrated emergency management arrangements within the County of Gloucestershire and to meet the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004’.

Church St. Road Closure November

Please be advised of the following temporary road closure:

3/116 Church Street, Weston-sub-Edge

This road will be closed, from the 26th November 2018 to 30th November 2018 , to allow Amey, working on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council, to carry out the installation of a new drainage system.

If you require any further information regarding this closure, please contact the office on 08000 514514.


Bill Bellerby

Road Space Co-ordinator
Gloucestershire County Council
Street Works Team
Network & Traffic Management
Shire Hall
Telephone: 01452 328986

Download (PDF, 250KB)