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PC Minutes 27/3/18

The Parish Council held the March meeting on the 27thMarch.

Councillor Lynden Stowe briefed the Council on CDC and GCC matters.

  • Contractual arrangements for road maintenance and resurfacing had been revised and resurfacing activities were now within a contract let to “Tarmac”. A backlog of pothole repairs was expected to be cleared in the next couple of months.
    The “Energy from Waste” plant at Javelin Park (adjacent to M5 South of Gloucester was scheduled to be in service in 2019.
    Gritting operations had been called upon four times during the winter.
    A new e mail address for contacting the police for non-emergencieswas 101@gloucestershire .police.ukPublic “Rights of Way” issues were now GCC’s responsibility.

    Normal business included current planning applications and Council finances.
    There were no planning applications to consider.
    Your PC is active in reviewing all planning applications within the parish. If you have particular views on applications, please make them known to councilors or engage in the planning process as individuals.

    Various village matters were discussed.

  • The Village Green Revival sub Group reported great progress on securing grant funding which will allow the installation of equipment etc to commence, the preferred contractor having been selected.Councilors are due to meet GCC Highways dept. on 04 April and the agenda includes A VAR speed sign, Church St. drainage in the vicinity of Dover’s View and the resurfacing of Dover’s View.

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PC Minutes 27-2-2018

There were no County or District Councillors to provide reports to the February meeting of the Parish Council.

Much of the meeting involved discussion of village development projects with an update from the Village Green Revival Group. Plans for a community area with play equipment are proceeding apace with grant applications now being made. Fundraising is also to the fore. The first phase is for a small playground which will be in keeping with the natural and village surroundings and will include a picnic area and shelter.

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PC Minutes 23.1.2018

Parish Council members were delighted to welcome a new Parish Clerk to the meeting held on 23rd January 2018. Lucy Print has officially taken on the role vacated by Chris Tombs last summer. It is good to have a clerk who lives in the village, who is happy to undertake training for her role and who, as a member of the Village Green Revival Group, has already shown willing to involve herself in activities that benefit the community. We wish Lucy a long and rewarding association with the Parish Council. She can be contacted by e-mail at
There were no representatives of the District or County Councils at the meeting, though apologies were received from Lyndon Stowe.
Training was approved for both the Parish Clerk and two Councillors.
Councillors heard that there has been a delay in locating the village’s second defibrillator outside the Village Hall as a result of some electrical supply issues at the hall. Once these are resolved the installation will go ahead.
It was reported that funding applications for the proposed children’s playground are under way. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

It was with considerable reluctance that the Parish Council took the decision to close the Youth Club at the end of December after more than 10 successful years. There was agreement that it could be replaced later in the year with a Kids After School Club on the first and third Thursdays of each month between 4.30 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. This would be open to all children between 6 and 9 years whether or not they live in Weston-sub-Edge. If you have children who might be interested in such a club please register that interest with Chris Rossington on 01386 849316 or The club would be organised and run by a qualified Youth Leader but parents of members would be expected to join a rota to help out with activities and refreshments three or four times a year.

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Minutes 26/09/2017

The Chairman opened the September meeting of the Parish Council with the news that Chris Tombs, the long time Parish Clerk, had resigned after about twenty years of service to the community. His vast experience and knowledge will be sorely missed and, in his absence, Chris was thanked for his many contributions to Weston-sub-Edge.

It was reported that two applications had been received to fill the role of Parish Clerk and that both applicants would be interviewed in the near future.

Apologies were received from Lynden Stowe (County Council) and John Measey. Though he was unable to attend the meeting, Councillors welcomed Edward Stowe to the parish team.

In the absence of County and District Councillors there were no reports.

The healthy state of parish finances was noted with the receipt of grants of £4,000 and £1,000 from Gloucestershire Environmental Trust and Cotswold Preservation respectively towards the cost of draining and levelling the Recreation Ground. Councillor Mike Jelley handed over a cheque for £500 from CDC towards the purchase of a second defibrillator for the village. It was agreed that this should be located on the wall of the Village Hall. Councillors were asked to consider suggestions for the budget for 2018-19 in time for the next meeting. Payments had included over £2,000 for the paving of the seating area at the front of the Village Hall.

The Chairman reported that the Church Street phone box had been purchased for £1.00 and could be used as the location for a third defibrillator once it has been cleaned and repainted. It was agreed that estimates should be obtained for this work.

Concern was expressed about the number of heavy vehicles observed using Dovers Hill recently. It was agreed that weight limit signage should be requested for the junction with Kingcombe Lane. Other outstanding highways issues included shark’s teeth and speed signs for Stratford Road.

The Chairman announced that the Revival Group for the Recreation Ground was in the process of acquiring quotations for play equipment and that a full presentation of progress to date would be made at the October meeting of the Parish Council.

The Youth Club had continued to be poorly attended despite publicity in the village and in surrounding villages. Flyers had been circulated to all Year 7 pupils at Chipping Campden School and members of Years 5 and 6 in Willersey and Chipping Campden. The Youth Leader had prepared a programme of activities until Christmas. It was agreed that a final decision as to the future of the Youth Club would be made at the November meeting.

It was resolved to delay the next meeting of the Parish Council by one week to Tuesday 31st October at 7.15pm. Minutes of all Parish Council meetings are posted on the village notice board at the bus stop and on the village website,

WsE Minutes 25.7.2017

The last Parish Council meeting before the summer break was held on Tuesday 25th July. In the absence of both District and County Councillors there were no reports.

With the dry and warm weather following the cool and damp rapid vegetation growth and overhanging foliage has become a problem again in some areas of the village. Householders are requested to check the boundaries of their properties and cut back vegetation where it impinges on the footpaths and therefore on pedestrian safety.

The Police have reported several thefts from properties and vehicles in local villages recently. Prior to these, suspicious vehicles have been identified on most occasions. Should you notice any such vehicles in the area, please take the registration numbers and phone 101 immediately to report your concerns. All such calls will be regarded seriously.

Councillors unanimously resolved to apply for a grant of £500 from CDC towards the purchase of an additional defibrillator for the village and agreed that the Village Hall would be a suitable location. Mike Jelley was asked to make the grant application and arrange purchase of the defibrillator.

The purchase of the Church Street phone box from BT in its current state and for a nominal sum of £1.00 was discussed and agreed. The Chairman agreed to read and sign the agreement provided that any conditions imposed were not prejudicial to the Parish Council.

The Chairman reported that the committee of volunteers constituted to take forward the second phase of the Recreation Ground project will be known as the “Village Green Revival Group”. He spoke to the project brief and outline plan of action, indicating that a design layout for the site was scheduled for August with costings for the proposed equipment to be available by October. Applications for grant funding would follow.

The viability of the Youth Club was considered. Membership has fallen and at a recent meeting members were asked to encourage new recruits to join in order to ensure the future of the club. There will be a recruitment drive in September with prominence also being given to the Youth Club on the home page of the village website.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be in the Village Hall at 7.15 p.m. on Tuesday 26th September. The agenda will be posted on the Village Notice Board in the bus shelter and members of the public are more than welcome to attend. Members of the council would welcome your views. Minutes of all Parish Council meetings are available on the village website,



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Minutes 27/6/2017

At the June meeting of the Parish Council Councillor Mark Annett informed councillors that the first meeting of CDC had taken place with him in the Chair. He announced that there has been a change to standing orders to allow a ward member who is also on the Planning Committee to vote on a local planning application. He also agreed to consult with the Enforcement Officer, Colin Davies, about a suggestion in the sales literature for Knapp Farm Barns that the “holiday let” constraint as part of the planning permission could be lifted.

The meeting heard from Nigel Faller that the new committee for work on the recreation ground had met 3 times, consisted of 3 members and had adopted the name of Village Green Revival Group. First thoughts were that the layout should have a family area in keeping with the surroundings; a target age range of 11 months to 11 years for the apparatus; a restricted budget and a target opening date of summer 2018. The initial priorities would be to work out how to raise the funds and the immediate requirements for equipment. The village website was seen as being very useful for raising the profile of the project. The chairman thanked Nigel Faller for his report.

With respect to maintenance work around the village, Bob Skillern (Glos. Highways) had agreed to arrange for a camera exploration of the culvert in Church Street adjacent to Dovers View with a view to improving still further the removal of water from the village during heavy rain. The meeting was told that Glos. Highways have yet to agree on the most suitable specification for roadside VAS equipment.

The meeting heard that Youth Club numbers have remained low recently and, whilst there is a small group of loyal members who thoroughly enjoy the activities provided, numbers at the current level are unsustainable. The Chairman agreed to attend the first July meeting to try to encourage a membership drive. It was decided that the club will reopen in September after the summer break when there will be a recruitment drive. If this is unsuccessful the future of the Youth Club is in jeopardy. New members must be 9 years old at the time of joining and are always made very welcome.

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