Minutes 26/09/2017

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2017)

The Chairman opened the September meeting of the Parish Council with the news that Chris Tombs, the long time Parish Clerk, had resigned after about twenty years of service to the community. His vast experience and knowledge will be sorely missed and, in his absence, Chris was thanked for his many contributions to Weston-sub-Edge.

It was reported that two applications had been received to fill the role of Parish Clerk and that both applicants would be interviewed in the near future.

Apologies were received from Lynden Stowe (County Council) and John Measey. Though he was unable to attend the meeting, Councillors welcomed Edward Stowe to the parish team.

In the absence of County and District Councillors there were no reports.

The healthy state of parish finances was noted with the receipt of grants of £4,000 and £1,000 from Gloucestershire Environmental Trust and Cotswold Preservation respectively towards the cost of draining and levelling the Recreation Ground. Councillor Mike Jelley handed over a cheque for £500 from CDC towards the purchase of a second defibrillator for the village. It was agreed that this should be located on the wall of the Village Hall. Councillors were asked to consider suggestions for the budget for 2018-19 in time for the next meeting. Payments had included over £2,000 for the paving of the seating area at the front of the Village Hall.

The Chairman reported that the Church Street phone box had been purchased for £1.00 and could be used as the location for a third defibrillator once it has been cleaned and repainted. It was agreed that estimates should be obtained for this work.

Concern was expressed about the number of heavy vehicles observed using Dovers Hill recently. It was agreed that weight limit signage should be requested for the junction with Kingcombe Lane. Other outstanding highways issues included shark’s teeth and speed signs for Stratford Road.

The Chairman announced that the Revival Group for the Recreation Ground was in the process of acquiring quotations for play equipment and that a full presentation of progress to date would be made at the October meeting of the Parish Council.

The Youth Club had continued to be poorly attended despite publicity in the village and in surrounding villages. Flyers had been circulated to all Year 7 pupils at Chipping Campden School and members of Years 5 and 6 in Willersey and Chipping Campden. The Youth Leader had prepared a programme of activities until Christmas. It was agreed that a final decision as to the future of the Youth Club would be made at the November meeting.

It was resolved to delay the next meeting of the Parish Council by one week to Tuesday 31st October at 7.15pm. Minutes of all Parish Council meetings are posted on the village notice board at the bus stop and on the village website, www.westonsubedge.com.

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