Bus Services

Bus Stops and shelters are situated on each side of the road by the Seagrave Arms.

The Number 21 bus service runs from Moreton In the Marsh Railway Station to Stratford upon Avon  Monday to Saturday. For timetable click here

The Number 24 bus service  runs from Stratford on Avon to Evesham Bus Station  Monday to Saturday. For timetable click here.

Traveline SW operate the H1 service on Tuesdays between Offenham and Moreton in the Marsh via Weston-sub-Edge Timetable here

The Hedgehog bus (H3 service) runs on a Tuesday and goes to both Tesco and Waitrose in Stratford upon Avon.  For timetable click here.

National Public Transport Access Nodes (NAPTAN), is a national system for uniquely identifying all points of access to public transport in the UK. Every station, coach terminus, airport, bus stop, etc., is allocated at least one unique identifier.
In Weston-sub-Edge we have two bus stops and each is given an identifier according to the direction of travel of the buses.
Here is a list of the these identifiers

glogdmap             Seagrave Arms                    Towards Willersey/Evesham
glogdmam         Opposite Seagrave Arms          Towards Mickleton


What use are these identifiers? Well you can verify that you are standing at the correct stop as it should be on display.
You can text it to 84268 to find the next bus times according to the timetable – eventually these will be in real time.
Finally you can also type the ID here for comprehensive timetable information.

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