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Notes PC mtg 26-11-2019

At the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 26th November, District Councillor Gina Blomefield reported that the next meeting of Cotswold District Council would be held on Wednesday 27th November.  Key items on the agenda included the Glover Report and the possibility of the creation of a Cotswolds National Park and measures related to climate change, in particular the possibility of power points for electric vehicles in the Cotswolds area.  District Councillors were also concerned about the approximately 660 empty houses in the Cotswolds.  Given the need for housing within the district, the issue of compulsory purchase orders was to be considered.

Parish Council agenda items included financial commitments for the end of 2019 and for 2020.  Whilst the parish was in a good financial position much of the balance of funds was earmarked for the Village Hall car park (mainly covered by grants), improvements to the play area and the additional speed sign on order.  It was agreed that, because it is several years since the views of residents were sought, consideration should be given to a new questionnaire in 2020 to give parishioners the opportunity to suggest important projects for the future.

After the continued spell of wet weather the obligations of riparian owners were reinforced.  Residents with boundaries reaching Coombe Brook are responsible for keeping these clear of debris so that the water is able to flow freely whilst ditches should also be kept clear.  It was agreed that three quotations should be requested for digging out the ditches from the Reading Room down the length of Church Street.  Fortunately the brook has managed to remove excess water very effectively over the last few weeks and to return rapidly to low water levels but this should not lead to complacency.  The ground water store is full and any additional rain may lead to the threat of flooding.

An on-going project for the Parish Council is the compilation of a centralised catalogue of information about the history of Weston-sub-Edge to ensure that as much documentation as possible is retained within the village, to make this information available online and to put key documents on display in the Village Hall.  If you have any documents, records or photographs that might be of interest please contact the Parish Clerk or come along to a Parish Council meeting to share these.

Minutes of all Parish Council meetings are posted on the village notice board at the bus stop and on the village website,  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th January 2020 in the Village Bar at 7.30 p.m. 

Councillors would like to take this opportunity to wish all parishioners a happy and healthy 2020.






WSE minutes 2019-7-23


MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN THE VILLAGE BAR ON 23 July 2019 AT 7.30P.M. PRESENT: Chairman Bill Carruthers, Cllrs Hannah Neal, John Measey, Chris Rossington, Rachel Hurley, Mike Jelley

and Wendy Clarke.

IN ATTENDANCE: Lucy Print parish clerk 19/55 1.Interests – none

19/56 2. NOTICE OF ABSENCE: Gina Bloomfield sent apologies.


None present 19/58 4.CONFIRM MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 25.6.19: councillors Wendy Clarke and Hannah Neal resolved to approve the minutes which were signed by the chairman as a true record of the business conducted. 19/59 5.PLANNING APPLICATIONS PENDING:

1.0 Planning application before the parish council: 19/02199/LBC Concrete floor to ground floor Kitchen to replace rotten timber and cracked concrete combination, concrete floor to part of the entrance hall and restoration of a previously hidden opening between two first floor rooms (Retrospective) Object; 1) Grade 2 listed, 2) Retain character as email dated 17 December, 3) original application refused on fireplace and floor issues – which floor was this? Would expect rotten floor to be replaced with timber floor.

GL55 6UW 19/01918/FUL Full Application for Construction of a single storey extension to existing converted barn at Dovers Hill House Dovers Hill Chipping Campden Gloucestershire – no objections

2.0 Awaiting a decision of the local planning authority: None 3.0 Decisions of the local planning authority to approve/consent;



19/60 6.FINANCE:

6.1 RECEIVE FINANCIAL STATEMENT & BANK RECONCILIATION: Bank balances as at 1st Jul were £30,986.51 for the General Account and £6331.55 for the business deposit account. 6.2 ASSET REGISTER: new litter bins, telephone box and salt bin added to register and agreed by councillors. 6.3 RISK ASSESSMENT: revised and agreed by councillors.

LP 6.3APPROVE PAYMENTS DUE: Councillors Mike Jelley proposed and Rachel Hurley seconded these payments.

Date Item Amount VAT

23.7.19 Clerks salary Jul £132.01

23.7.19 HMRC PAYE payment Jul £33.00

23.7.19 Village Hall Jun Invoice £29.75 23.7.19 Maurice Parkinson Contract Services £240.00 48.00 28.5.19 19/61 REVIEW VILLAGE MATTERS:

7.1 Refurbishment of the Church Street Telephone box complete. A3 notices to be laminated inside: Community Book Exchange & Information Centre. Books to be rotated. Tourist information to be put in racks (JM) Welcome to Weston info to be available. On-going management agreed box to be checked once a month before PC meetings. 7.2 Highways update: Received schedule of work, Dover’s View in Q4, next March. 7.3 Stratford Road Vehicle activated speed sign progress: VAR speed sign now on corner of


WSE Minutes 2019-6-25

2 Featherbed Lane, Stratford Road. Download data from unit from time on Church Street to be analysed. 7.4 Recreation ground inspection record: Mike Jelley completed inspection, with no issues. Timber trail to monitor wood splitting. Received three quotes for installing fencing behind goals, bench seating in shelter – councillors agreed to appt Maurice Parkinson 7.5 Right of Way update: Legal documentation of the right of way to the village green has been

finalised. 7.6 Archive documentation update. No progress. Low priority. 7.7 Village Improvements:

• Village Hall facilities improvement – funds secured.

• Summer event. Family fun at the Village Green agreed to be held on 7th September at 2pm onwards. Bookings in process of being made for DJ music, bar, marquee, bouncy castle, bbq, toilets. Actions ongoing.

• Holiday club for children. Parked until next year. 7.8 Repreparation after Gigaclear and Thames Water – contact made and logged, ongoing contact. 7.9 Emergency plan reviewed and to be simplified and updated by clerk 7.10 Community Infrastructure Levy event, information from event given to councillors from meeting

chairman attended. Powerpoint presentation available to all.




Annual ERS Emergency Plan update. Clerk to locate existing plan and propose update. Lengthmen, when is work scheduled Dog Foul signs Parishioners ref the continuous problem of heavy traffic coming to and from the trading estates through the village Contact Chris Tombs re allotment tap. Confirmation of dog mess bin order – hall & green installed and completed. Additional request and removal of salt bin on Harris Lane. Playground Inspection Training Seminar – North Cots requirement

17/38 10.0 Prepare detailed map of the location of the roadside drains and gullies – action awaited



PUBLIC QUESTION TIME: -What can be done with caravan dumped along Dirty Lane? Ensure it is reported to Environment agency Fly Tipping


There being no other business the chairman thanked the councillors for attending and closed the meeting at 9.10p.m.


WSE Minutes 2019-6-25