Corona virus

COVID vaccines: If you are someone, or know someone, who is NOT registered with their local GP please arrange for yourself and/or other person to visit the nearest surgery as soon as possible so that you can be added to the COVID vaccine patient list. This is so important. As you are probably aware Gloucestershire has been rolling out the vaccine programme very effectively and the North Cotswolds Primary Care Network have a great team working hard to get people vaccinated quickly and they don’t want to miss anyone out.

A support group has been set up to help people in the village in the coming weeks as restrictions on personal movement etc take effect. Although the coronavirus can affect anyone, the focus is particularly on elderly and vulnerable parishioners who are living alone or unsupported. 

The support group are available by telephone or e mail for a wide range of support activities from a simple telephone conversation to discuss any issues to arranging for medication to be collected from pharmacies or essential groceries, cleaning products etc. 

However an essential input to the group is from neighbours “keeping a watchful eye” and alerting support group members where necessary.
These numbers are for non-medical assistance only. For medical assistance, still call 111 or for emergencies 999.

Support Contacts
Rachel Hurley
84180807976 423135
hurleyrac@gmail.comDovers Hill

Sarah Hudson-Evans
840731079908 45006
sarah@hudson-evans.comHarris Lane

Frankie Hayden
robbiebobbiehaydon@gmail.comWeston Road

Louise McGarr
Parsons Lane

Rob Whitehouse
24730207836 209921 Street

Lucy & Matt Billiard
Friday Street

Helen & Hugh Munro84070907884186238h.munro321@btinternet.comChurch Street

Lydia Young
840341Friday St

Amanda Coldridge
84125607989964456Dovers Hill
Lucy Print
84119107795 111978
wseparishclerk@gmail.comFriday Street

Susan Prestage
840538sue.prestage@gmail.comStratford Road

Bill Carruthers
84102607721632630bill@billcarruthers.comCider Mill

This service has been in full operation taking care of the more vulnerable residents in our village. Please encourage those in need to use this service which is working well. Many thanks to the helpers listed above.
Please take care and follow the advice from Public Health

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