Inclosure 1853

The link below takes you to the information regarding the inclosure awards and plans(maps) 1853. There are 3  folders which are from the original CD’s labeled with the prefix Q-R1-156. The two containing plan are the maps. The other one is the documents. These folders contain the software to view the scanned images using a PC program . To use you will need to download the complete folder to your PC.  Please note that the software can only run on a windows PC and not on an Apple although the contents can be seen and the jpeg images  can be used independent of platform. If you open the folders there is another folder named ANGELIMG which contains the jpeg images as scanned.   To assist with the maps the jpegs have been stitched together so the whole map can be seen but the quality of the individual jpegs would be better for viewing detail. The low resolution 2MB maps are adequate for most purposes.