PPI Scam

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

Gloucestershire Constabulary are warning the public about a PPI scam which has targeted at least two residents in the county.

A man in Matson, Gloucester received a phone call on Monday 8 August from a bogus PPI payment company claiming he was due a PPI refund of thousands of pounds. The scammer, a woman with a Canadian accent, said he could claim this by paying the company £2,000 in iTunes vouchers.

The victim bought the vouchers and provided the scammer with the codes who asked for a further £600 in vouchers. He then realised it was a scam and reported it to police.

Another man in Littledean received a similar phone call on Friday (12 August). The scammer, a man with an Asian accent, used the same tactics and the victim provided £150 in iTunes vouchers before being told to give a further £150 worth. The victim then became suspicious and called police.

Officers are warning the public of this scam and offering the following advice:

  • Be suspicious of an unexpected phone call offering you a big pay out for an unknown reason – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do not provide money or vouchers to any company you are not familiar with, even if they claim to pay you back.
  • If in doubt, take their details and tell them you’ll call them back. In the meantime, call police on 101 to seek advice.

Please make your family, friends and neighbours aware of this scam, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

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