Village Defibrillator

There are two  defibrillators.

One is located outside the Village Hall and the other is located on the wall at the junction of Church Street and Dovers View at Number 8 Dovers View.
To unlock the cabinet you will need to dial 999 to get the code and call for an ambulance/paramedic.  Do not leave the patient alone get help to bring the defibrillator to you.

CPR should be administered until the defibrillator is ready for use.
CPR Video

The defibrillator has voice and display instructions and is very easy to use.

The video below has the voice prompts and shows how to use the device.

Sudden cardiac arrest is the UK’s single biggest killer and when somebody goes into this horrendous medical condition the chances of successful resuscitation reduce by 10 per cent per minute.
Response times are slower in rural areas, as ambulances are mostly stationed in more populated urban areas where demand is greatest.
In Gloucester and Cheltenham the response is less than 7 minutes but in the Cotswolds it is closer to 15 minutes which is above the national target of 8 minutes. In the Cotswolds the target is reached in only 45.6% of cases.


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