WsE Conservation Area

The central part of Weston -sub-Edge is a Conservation Area as well as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Those parts of Weston-sub-Edge which are not in the Conservation Area still are in the AONB.

To preserve our heritage and to maintain our beautiful surroundings there are additional planning controls in place.

You may require planning permission for demolition works.  You are also required to notify us of any proposed works to trees (s.211 notification to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area) 

If you would like to know whether your proposed works require planning permission, please contact Cotswold District Council on 01285 623000.  Please provide a detailed description of the proposed works, a sketch plan of the building, photographs and any other relevant information.

For more information on conservation areas, please look at  the information provided by English Heritage.

WsE Conservation Area

Weston Subedge Conservation


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