WsE Education Charity

Weston-sub-Edge Education Charity  (Registered Charity Number 297226)


 Weston-sub-Edge Educational Charity was set up in 1987 using funds from the sale of the village school.  For the benefit of children and students under 25, who live or whose parents live in the village of Weston-sub-Edge or who attended or whose parents attended Weston-sub-Edge Church of England Primary School.  (However, the youngest student that attended the school at the time of its closure is now over the age of 25)

Type of grants

Grants range from £10 to £500.  People at any stage of education who fit the criteria listed above (including people starting work) can be supported for books, equipment/instruments, fees, educational outings in the UK and study or travel abroad. Further and higher education may also be supported for maintenance/living expenses. In cases of special financial need grants can be for uniforms or other clothing for schoolchildren

Awards have been given for nursery fees, music, dance, drama and sports lessons, after school clubs and trips, residential trips, Brownies/Clubs, extra tuition, through to grants to university students.

Application notes

  • Applications should be made on the correct form, including details of the course, its duration and purpose.
  • Applications should be submitted directly by the individual if over 16, or otherwise by the parent/guardian. The Trustees meet every other month, usually the 4th Monday, in January, March, May, July, September and November.
  • Applications must be received 10 days before the meeting to allow time for production and circulation of agenda.
  • A separate form is required for each applicant within a family
  • Applications should be submitted during or just before the term in which the course or activity takes place
  • Applications should include all activities for the whole term on one form.
  • Only one application per student per term.
  • The Trustees are unlikely to consider applications which are submitted the term after the event takes place
  • Receipts for the payment of fees should accompany the application form or be submitted as soon as they are available


For any further information or application forms please contact

Rachel Hurley 841808

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